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  • MSC Byelaws

    SECTION 5B – Maidenhead Sailing Club Byelaws

    1.Sailing or boating is permitted at all times except on days where it may be disallowed by the Committee and always provided that it does not interfere with the workings of Summerleaze Ltd. When an organised water activity or event is underway, those wishing to use the lake independently of the event shall obtain permission from the officer responsible. Where, after reasonable efforts, it is not possible to contact the officer responsible or an alternate club official, permission is implied subject to the requirement to keep away from the boats involved in the organised event.

    2.No activity on the lake is permitted in the winter season except when organised unless a minimum of two boats are on the water with adult crews in attendance. It is the responsibility of any person going on the water, to wear appropriate personal equipment/clothing to suit the conditions on the day. During November to March we would advise wet/dry suits are worn. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure these rules are adhered to and it is the responsibility of the attending adult to ensure all juniors adhere to these rules.

    3.All lake users, regardless of type of boat and activity (racing, leisure etc.) are to avoid collisions and sail/kayak/paddle in general accord with the rules as described in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS).

    4.Approved Dinghy Classes: As a Club we encourage all forms of human or wind powered water-based activities for all levels including social, leisure, training, and racing. The Sailing Committee is to have final approval of all boats on the lake.

    Racing: The approved class fleets for racing shall be determined by the Sailing Committee on the following basis. Approved class fleets can be any mono hull of less than 18ft with a recognised RYA yardstick where an average of at least 4 boats of that class participate in a single season’s club racing. If an approved class fleet falls below an average of 3 boats participating for 3 seasons in a row it will be reviewed by the Sailing Committee and approved status may be withdrawn. The Optimist Class fleet will be preserved to encourage junior helms. All sailing dinghies not in an approved class will race in the Menagerie fleet.

    5.The Club burgee shall be light blue, with a “mermaid” symbol.

    6.Properly fitting personal buoyancy aids must be worn by everyone using the lake (unless given specific permission not to do so),and by persons on pontoons at all times.

    7.No fishing is permitted by Club members. (The fishing rights belong to an angling club.)

    8.Except in emergencies, landing is not permitted other than on Club premises.

    9.All boats/kayaks/SUPs must be insured for third party risk to a minimum of £3,000,000. Members and visitors must produce certification on request.

    10.All boats with stepped masts must be tied down to secure stakes whilst left on Club premises.

    11.Members of the Club, their guests, and visitors, who use the Club premises, and any other facilities of the Club, do so entirely at their own risk and implicitly accept that:

    (i) The Club will not accept any liability for any damage to or loss of property including boats, SUPs, kayaks, canoes, etc. belonging to members, their guests or visitors to the Club howsoever caused.

    (ii) The Club will not accept any liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club premises, and any other facilities of the Club, or out of participation in any race or event organised by the Club, whether sustained by members, their guests or visitors, or caused by the said members, guests or visitors, whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of the officers, committee or servants of the Club.

    (iii) Before inviting any guests or visitors onto the premises or to participate in events organised by the Club, members will draw their attention to this rule.

    12.No person under 16 years of age is allowed on the Club premises at any time unless supervised by an adult.

    13.The Club will only provide rescue facilities during organised events. At all other times, parents and guardians have sole responsibility for their children and wards and must accept that the Club cannot be expected to exercise supervision or control. Even during organised events the Club cannot accept responsibility for children, or any other persons not engaged in that activity.

    14.Children under 7 years of age must wear properly fitting personal buoyancy aids whilst on Club premises, except in buildings and enclosed areas, and must not play on the pontoons at any time.

    15.Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and any other vehicles brought onto Club premises shall be parked in an orderly manner and only in the designated parking areas.

    16.Road trailers should, where possible, be stored under the member’s boat and be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Alternatively, by prior arrangement, a fee can be paid to store road trailers in the designated area.

    17.Dogs must be kept on a lead and under strict control at all times. Dogs must not be allowed to foul the premises; any fouling must be immediately removed by the owner of the dog.

    18.Members must not act in a manner likely to cause annoyance to nearby residents or other members. Attention is particularly drawn to: (i) Noise from loose halyards, gates slamming, radios/recorders, power tools, motorcycles etc. (ii) Smoke from bonfires etc. (iii) Members must not smoke at any time in the garage, race hut, Clubhouse or Grey Containers.

    19.All voting members will undertake allocated duties along with Work Party duties.

    20.Intoxicating liquor may be sold only during the permitted hours as defined in the licensing document “Club Premises Certificate Summary” as displayed in the bar. Briefly these hours are Monday to Saturday inclusive; 1000 2320, Sundays; 1200 2250. The actual hours of opening will be determined by the GPC.

    (i) No liquor shall be supplied to a person under the age of 18 years or to any person for consumption off the premises. (ii) No liquor shall be supplied other than to a member or associate (as defined in the Constitution) or to members’ guests. The names of such guests shall be entered in a book maintained for the purpose and kept on the premises. (iii) Intoxicating liquor may be sold for consumption on the premises to persons attending the Club premises for sporting, social or other functions organised or authorised by the Club.

    21.No boat shall be brought onto the Club premises until the Membership Secretary has been notified. The Membership Secretary must also be informed of change of ownership and of dinghy parking spaces becoming vacant following the permanent removal of craft from the premises.

    22.List of names and addresses of members shall be kept by the Membership Secretary. Emergency contact numbers are maintained on our membership system. Please speak to a Club official if this information is required in an event of an emergency.

    23. Members may only use the Club for permitted Club activities; any other activities must have permission from the General Purposes Committee. Requests must be made in writing.


    Members of the General Purposes Committee or persons directed by them are empowered to enforce these Byelaws. Failure to comply with these Byelaws renders members liable to expulsion under Rule 4 ‘Cessation of Membership’ of the Club Constitution.

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